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Name: Benzin1%er
Location: AOA Czechia
For all Brothers AOA Leicestershire.

I wish you a further awesome White Black Road that you go.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Black & White Rock 2019.

Posted on: Monday - Dec 24, 2018
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Name: Sprocket 1%er
Location: Leic
Welcome to the Black and White world Carl . LL&R Sprocket 1%er
Posted on: Thursday - Jul 12, 2018
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Name: Richy 1%er Merseyside (ret)
Location: croatia
RIP Webby .top bloke.GBNF.
Posted on: Tuesday - Jan 30, 2018
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Name: Carey 1%er
Location: Ch
Can I thank on behalf of all members of AOA Leicestershire every one who came to give our Brother Webby 1%er such a fantastic send off to the forever chapter.
Posted on: Saturday - Jan 20, 2018
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Name: Mrs Angry
Location: Leicestershire
Today we said goodbye to a lovable mischievous but fantastic guy. Rest in peace Webby 1%er. You will be missed, hope you and carl are having a drink together. From mrs Angry.
Posted on: Friday - Jan 19, 2018
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Name: Gruff 1%er
Location: South staffs
Absolutely gutted to hear Webby 1%er had passed away the world has lost a lovable rogue he will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. see you on the other side brother R.I.P
Posted on: Tuesday - Jan 2, 2018
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Name: Stu chap
Location: Lricester
RIP Webb top bloke thoughts are with you all, God bless
Posted on: Saturday - Dec 16, 2017
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Name: Dinnertimedave
Location: South Lincolnshire
Just heard about Webby ffs .. One of life's better people. Commiserations to all his family, friends and club brothers. GBNF.
Posted on: Saturday - Dec 16, 2017
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